Anaesthesia - General info

There are different types of Anaesthesia which can be used in order for the surgeon to carry out the treatment or surgery with minimum discomfort.  Patients are able to discuss the Anaesthetic procedures during the initial consultation.

General Anaesthesia

This is a full anaesthetic carried out either in a Hospital, Medical Centre or Private Clinic under the care of a qualified anaesthetist. It enables the surgeon to carry out the operation without any discomfort or knowledge that the operation is taking place. Operations carried out under General Anaesthesia may be done as a day case or as an overnight stay. Although all the operations can be done under General Anaesthesia, many times the procedure can be simplified for the patient’s benefit and sedation with Local Anaesthesia can be administered.

Sedation with Local Anaesthesia

A sedating drug is given to the patient in order for him to be calm and feel drowsy throughout the operation. This is administered by the plastic surgeon. For demanding procedures a qualified anaesthetist cares for the patient whilst the surgeon carries out the operation. The surgeon uses also local anaesthesia at the operation site to ensure the area is numb and that patient is not disturbed. Patients who are recommended for this type of anaesthesia are those who feel comfortable whilst expecting an injection, a doctor’s examination or whilst sitting on the dentist’s chair. Patients fainting while viewing blood or an injury may also benefit, however patients fainting due to fear are recommended for general anaesthesia. However, as the majority of Plastic Surgery procedures are carried out near the body surface it is possible to solve the majority of the problems under this type of anaesthesia. Let it be noted that sometimes it is beneficial to have the patient awake in order to help the surgeon with movements which are mandatory for obtaining the best results. Most operations carried out under sedation enable discharge the same day of treatment.

Local Anaesthesia

The surgeon injects a local anaesthetic (numbing solution) to the area that is being treated to minimise any discomfort which may be felt during the operation. The patient is fully awake during the treatment and able to be immediately discharged when finished.


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