Teenagers and Plastic Surgery

The overall number of cosmetic procedures performed on teenagers is increasing every year, however the percentage of them (those 18 and younger) in the total number of plastic surgery procedures has remained relatively constant. The most frequently performed surgical procedures for this age group in 2002 and 2003 were nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) and prominent ears correction (otoplasty).

Most experts agree that for teenage patients, cosmetic plastic surgery can have a significant positive impact on physical and emotional development. However, careful evaluation of teenagers for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is mandatory. For the majority of congenital plastic reconstructive operations, no strict age limit exists. Reconstructive procedures for acquired problems are commonly performed during growth period and later. Regarding cosmetic procedures we would like to emphasize that it is not necessary to wait until the patient has reached 18 years of age. It is at the surgeon’s discretion as to when a particular procedure should be performed.


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