There will always be differences in health and beauty demands among different people.  Subjects not exclusively belonging to Plastic Surgery, but of great importance will appear on this page.

Throughout history many clever things have been discovered, but which remain unsupported by solid science. On the contrary, many things that sound exciting today may disappear tomorrow as they have been proved ineffective or harmful.  Some of the statements we hear today offered by the pioneers of the Anti-aging medicine are: “We will explore the newest advances in rejuvenation science”, “Anti-aging is ‘for real' ”, “We can’t stop the aging process, but we can definitely slow it down”. In order to best serve our patients we follow the ongoing research in every field of Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgeons are interested not only in helping patients look better,  but also helping them feel better. Aging process and age related physical changes are being incorporated in the new perspective care for longer lasting results. Non surgical interventions, however, are not intended to take the place of aesthetic surgery, but they complement and enhance the overall strategy for improving patients’ quality of life.


"I have had a tummy tuck plastic surgery before so I can say this with certainty. I was truly impressed with Dr. Merezas’ skill as a surgeon and as a human being. He answered all of my questions, and did a fantastic job on the surgery. I would also like to compliment the office staff for a great job"



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