Mini face lift - Introduction

A minimized facelift or mini-lift can offer younger patients youthfulness and freshness without the effort of a facelift. This reduced, modified, less extensive lift offers much of the rejuvenating effects, but is always designed to the patient’s specific needs, and is focused primarily on any trouble spots. In this manner the specific areas of the eyebrows, neck, jowls, and mid-face or nasolabial folds can be addressed.

The most frequent and markedly effective mini-lift procedure is that of the temporal area, rejuvenating the eyes, eyebrows and eyelids. Endoscopic techniques allow lifting and rejuvenation of mild problems using tiny incisions inside the hairline.

If the above procedures are performed early enough, they can eliminate the signs of aging before they become recognizable. They can all be done without significant recovery time or the expense of a full facelift.

A talented and inspired plastic surgeon does not allow the procedure to dictate what can and cannot be accomplished. Rather the surgeon should have the skills and aesthetic ability to regulate the procedure to any degree.

This then opens up almost limitless possibilities for aesthetic rejuvenation and beautification.


"I have had a tummy tuck plastic surgery before so I can say this with certainty. I was truly impressed with Dr. Merezas’ skill as a surgeon and as a human being. He answered all of my questions, and did a fantastic job on the surgery. I would also like to compliment the office staff for a great job"



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