Mini face lift - Forehead lift - Brow lift

Forehead lifts are an option for patients having a sagging brow or deep furrows between the eyes which creates a tired or angry look. This facial rejuvenation procedure gently elevates the brow (brow lift) and rejuvenates the upper lids and eyes. It also helps to minimize the "crow's feet" in the corners of the eyes.

In order to see what a forehead lift can do for the face, we can simply put our hands above the brows and outside the edges of the eyes and gently raise the skin upwards.

For minor elevation the incisions are small, invisible and hidden inside the hairline. It can be performed as a single procedure or in combination with other rejuvenating procedures.

After a medication which makes the patient relaxed, a painless and comfortable operation can be performed under local anaesthesia. Depending on the patient’s anxiety, general anaesthesia can be used as well.

After surgery a certain amount of swelling and bruising is experienced gradually resolving within the next 10-days. The sutures are usually removed in 7-10 days. If bandages have been used, they are removed the next day. For most patients the recovery time is approximately one week.

Patients may return to work after 7-10 days and resume normal activities after 15 days.


"I decided to get rid of my long lasting eye shadows and generally the "old & tired" look off my face. Dr. Merezas suggested eyelid correction. I really feel like my whole facial expression has changed now, improving my appearence, making me look younger and healthier!"



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