Lipolysis Injection Therapy

Lipolysis – Fat cells disruption- Fatty tissue dissolution


The medication used for lipolysis injections is a liver-protection medication known for many years now; it is also been used to treat fat embolism in blood in Europe. The concentrations used are far higher that those used in our treatment protocol.


The medication is directly injected into the area concerned. As a result fat cells start to melt away and are eliminated to an increasing degree. Due to its elasticity, the skin contracts to build a smooth homogenous surface.


Almost every patient shows some temporary side-effects after treatment like redness, swelling and discomfort and – in some cases – bruising. After few days, however, any discomfort at the treated region will have disappeared and swelling resolved.


Health risks, however, have not been observed by the members of NETWORK – Lipolysis. The active substance itself and its elimination from the body via metabolism is no problem at all and have generally been investigated and documented in more than 80 000 cases.


As a rule, 2-4 treatments in intervals of 8 weeks are necessary to finish the therapy with success.


More than 90% of the patients are very satisfied with the results after 2-3 treatments.


In order to make the therapy successful, knowledge about fat deposits in the body, the correct injection technique and the right dosage for the treatment that seems to be so simple is of utmost importance.


NETWORK-Lipolysis is an international association of physicians specialized in different fields and certified for lipolysis injections. High quality training as well as ongoing medical education of the physician of  NETWORK-Lipolysis is a basis for certification. And this philosophy, supported by all members, represents the warranty for a high therapeutic quality.


Apart from reducing undesired side-effects, the pioneers in the development of Lipolysis Injection Therapy succeeded in improving treatment results considerably compared with earlier protocols developed in Brazil.


Against the background of more than 80 000 treatments in the whole world no serious side-effects have been observed so far. Nevertheless, the therapy must be carried out by medical experts trained in this field by NETWORK-Lipolysis pioneers.


Areas qualified for treatment are:


  • double chin
  • jowls


  • gluteofemoral adiposity (Saddlebags)
  • inner thigh
  • lower buttocks / transition to thigh
  • love handles (with men)
  • hips
  • upper and lower belly
  • fat bulges at shoulder-arm-joints
  • upper arm
  • knees
  • dorsal areas
  • Treatment of cellulite
  • thighs
  • Lipoma