Selecting your Plastic Surgeon

TRUST DOCTORS working permanently in Cyprus.


DO NOT TRUST doctors coming occasionally from other countries to your area unless you can investigate everything about them. Therefore think carefully: What do you know about them? You might need them when they are not here?  Are they successful at their place of residency, if not should you be suspicious?  If they are successful why have they got plenty of time to travel?  Do they seek gullible patients?


Explain your problem to the doctor also ask about the possible solutions. Most of all listen carefully to the answers given.


Make your choice among the various solutions and discuss the details with him.


After your consultation, consider the following:

  • Did the surgeon welcome all your questions and answer them to your satisfaction?
  • Did he candidly discuss the potential risks and complications associated with this procedure?
  • Did you feel comfortable talking with him?


Before you decide that he is the best surgeon for your operation make sure:

  • The surgeon is experienced in Plastic Surgery.
  • You DID NOT forget to meet with previous patients of his.
  • The surgeon operates in a modern, well-equipped hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health.
  • You are confident that your privacy will be respected and protected.
  • You will be hospitalized in a single bedroom as it is mandatory for a plastic surgery patient.


Before you leave ask these questions:

  • Could you show me “before and after” photos of your patients?
  • In which surgery centre are you affiliated?


Be aware: The level of communication with your physician and the confidence he inspires are vital to the success of your surgery.