Plastic Surgery Cost

The cost of a certain procedure is always estimated at the time of the first consultation.


It is almost impossible to discuss the cost of an operation over the phone. Many times it is even difficult to give a basic price. The procedures vary greatly due to the severity of the problem.


For example:  What is the price of liposuction? The cost could range from 500 – 3000EU! This depends on the following: Are we going to treat one area or more? How big is the whole job? Are we going to make some combination with another procedure? Under which type of anesthesia is it going to be performed? According to the severity of the problems are we going to hospitalize the patient, and so on.


We kindly advise patients to enquire about the cost at the end of their first consultation. They will have plenty of time to consider all the details in relation to their problem and we always help them to make the best decision.


The fee for the initial consultation is 50EU.


Let it be noted that Plastic Surgery procedures in Cyprus cost much less than in other European countries.