Safety in the hospital

The choice of the surgeon is the primary concern of the patient; however, the choice of the hospital is of great importance also. Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus is the dominant health care institution in our region.


Our primary objective is to provide the community and the region that we serve with a comprehensive array of quality health care services. We offer state-of-the art technology to our patients and physicians. We seek to integrate various services to deliver patient care with maximum quality and efficiency. We are committed to the care and improvement of human life and we are dedicated to providing superior care to those individuals whose lives are entrusted to us.


Our primary focus is to respond to their needs. We treat all our patients with compassion and kindness and our dealings with them are professional, honest, courteous, helpful and cooperative.



Safety & Quality Assurance

We use safe technologies and devices; we perform safe procedures and never short lasting fashions. For the patient’s safety we always apply the instructions of IQUAM. Would you like to know about IQUAM, its dedication follows?




IQUAM, The International Committee for Quality Assurance, Medical Technologies and Devices in Plastic Surgery, is dedicated to the assurance of the safe use of medical devices, technologies and procedures in plastic surgery, and to the guarantee of patients’ safety. After review and evaluation of current literature and scientific data, IQUAM raises concerns regarding the potentially deleterious use of products, devices and technologies, or their application for unintended or unsuitable indications.


Would you like to read the IQUAM’s last declaration, visit page