Body Contouring

Buttock Lift

The purpose of the Buttock-lift procedure is the correction of the sagging skin and fat off the loose buttocks giving them better shape and attractiveness.


Liposuction alone provides excellent contouring, without skin excision for patients having firm buttocks of excessive volume. If liposuction has to be done, one or two small incisions are made at the buttocks allowing the surgeon to sculpt the desired contour by removal of the excess of fat.


If the skin and fatty tissue are loose and hanging, their removal is desired with or without the help of liposuction. The incision is placed where our design is providing the best results. It might be hidden in the crease between the buttocks, or in the crease below the buttocks.Moreover it might be extended forwards in the crease between the thighs and genital to solve thigh looseness as well. Performing this combination is in many aspects better than dividing the procedures.


Performing this type of surgery under local anaesthesia and after calming medication has been given, is highly recommended. The help of the patient is of great importance.


After any buttock or thigh procedure has been done a special pressure garment will be worn for approximately 15-20 days. During this time the any swelling or bruising will be gradually diminished.


Hospitalization is not usually required for liposuction alone, however if a buttock lift has to be performed, one day hospitalisation is recommended.


Patients may return to light activities 5-6 days. Avoiding strenuous activities for 30days is recommended. Please see also Body contouring-The thighs (thigh lift) and Liposuction