Breast Reduction

The weight of very large breasts can cause a variety of problems including back and neck pain, skin irritation and breathing difficulties. The size and weight of the breasts can also create psychological problems which are of no less importance. The purpose of the breast reduction procedure is to remove skin, fat and part of the breast gland tissue, making the breast smaller, lighter, and firmer, with the nipple at the proper position.


It is recommended that the breast be fully developed before surgery is performed. However, if large breasts are causing serious problems, we may recommend this procedure for younger patients to prevent psychological problems and body damage. Patients planning pregnancies should keep in mind that breast reduction for smaller problems should be postponed as weight changes during pregnancy may cause changes for which a secondary correction could be needed.


The methods we use always keep the nipple connected with the gland to protect the feeding function. Furthermore, our precise methods protect the sensitivity, the erectility and the erotic meaning of the nipple. The way we perform the procedure prevents ugly scarring.


The procedure takes approximately 3 hours and the hospitalization usually one night.


We usually recommend having this procedure carried out using general anaesthesia, although we always additionally use local anaesthesia to achieve bloodless conditions and a painless postoperative period. If, due to health reasons we need to avoid general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia can be used after a medication that achieves complete mental and physical calmness.


The patient must wear a bandage for three days following surgery. After our surgery is successfully completed no special bra is needed but a regular one only. Some weeks following surgery the patient will be able to select bras that enhance her new look.


Most women can return to work in about 4-5 days but should avoid strenuous exercise and lifting for

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