The surgery that is used to change the position and the projection of the chin is called Genioplasty.

The aim of the intervention is to give harmony to the facial features and to contribute substantially in highlighting their beauty.

The problem of the short chin is not isolated but is accompanied by a double-chin, with bigger jaw and generally more volume at the lower part of the face.

Propulsion Genioplasty lengthens the chin, significantly improves the smile, protects the lower part of the face from the looseness of the skin due to skin aging and effectively corrects the double chin.

When this surgery is combined with rhinoplasty, it is also called Profile Surgery.

In cases where the problem is not limited to the chin but extends to the size or shape and position of the jaw, genioplasty is also associated with Orthognathic Surgery for the correction of the jaw.

The surgery is performed with total anesthesia. As access is between the lower lip and the gums, there are no incisions on the skin.

Other options for elongation of the jaw are silicone inserts, injectable formulations and fat graft transfer.

The need to reduce the protrusion and / or the width of the chin is relatively rare. Reduced genioplasty surgery is also done through the mouth and is suggested when there is a need for removing the unnecessary part of the bone.