Breast Asymmetry Correction

The volume of the breast differs many times between both sides. If the difference is significant we can correct this but the procedure is not always the same due to the variety of the problems. If one side is normal and the other overweight we proceed with a reduction. If one is normal and the other underweight we proceed with augmentation (enlargement). Many times a reduction of one side and augmentation of the other are indicated.


Most of the circumstances related to the problems of asymmetry seem to be the same as for breast reduction and augmentation and they appear to be easy to treat. In reality, it can be very difficult for the doctor to plan the procedure due to the fact that sometimes both sides differ too much in size, shape and elasticity.


It is recommended to use general anaesthesia if an augmentation is going to be performed. Local anaesthesia after calming medication can be used if a light reduction only is going to be performed.


Surgery takes approximately 1-3 hours and the hospitalization usually one night.


For 3 days the patient must wear a bandage and then a common bra. After surgery no special bra is needed to reduce swelling and bruising. Some weeks following surgery the patient will be able to select bras that enhance her new look.


Most women can return to work in approximately 4-7 days but should avoid lifting or strenuous exercise for the next 3-4 weeks.


For further information please see: Breast enlargement and Breast Reduction

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